Wednesday, October 28, 2009

comic sans

Comic Sans.

The perfect font when trying to say this Church Social we’re planning is going to be dynamite; check out this yard sale on Saturday; Jenny’s turning 2!

Comic Sans, you are not serious – says so in your name. You are the humorist of all the fonts. You make Times New Roman giggle, even Helvetica stops being so popular to smile at your silly curved design. A design that says “I’m casual, I’m breezy” without actually having to type it. A
book you can judge by the cover.

Delightfully vapid.

The thirteen year old girl I used to babysit just called – said she needs you for this Girl’s of America sleep over retreat invite she’s making – you free? Of course you are.

Always prepared; the fanny pack of fonts.

You are the best. Completely casual and supremely fun; so clear a message even Wingdings is like “Whoa, you are really saying something man.”

A writer’s dream; an art director’s perfect evening.
You mask the thickest sarcasm.

How romantic.

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